An inspirational force! In my capacity as National Director of Music Generation I have worked with Katherine Zeserson since 2010 and I have learned and continue to learn so much from her deep insights and breadth of experience in music education, music development and music participation. A pioneering leader committed to the music education cause, one of Katherine’s greatest skills is her innate capacity to enable professional learning and empower those with whom she works to become effective and reflective practitioners.
— Rosaleen Molloy, National Director, Music Generation Ireland

Music Generation

I am Strategic Advisor to Music Generation, providing leadership training, strategic facilitation and bespoke support for the National Leaders network and for regional Music Generation Partnerships, including strategy development and training for musicians; as well as one to coaching and mentoring for senior staff. In 2018/19 I’m focusing on developing a Quality Framework for use throughout the country, helping musicians and managers to focus on what quality looks like and how to achieve it, across the great variety of contexts and music practices Music Generation is engaged with.