Strategic thinker, facilitator, educator, coach, mentor, musician and writer.

An inspirational force!
— Rosaleen Molloy, National Director, Music Generation Ireland

I am Katherine Zeserson. I am excited by creative development – personal, organisational and social. I believe in the power of reflective practice to inspire and connect us, and to help us build compassionate communities.

I have 40 years of experience working in the fields of music and cultural learning, encompassing strategic leadership of large-scale programmes, hands-on artistic practice, CPD design and delivery, mentoring, coaching, project management and advocacy.

I have worked with Katherine for over 30 years and there is always a joy to the conversations as well as an extraordinary depth. Her integrity, her knowledge, her musicality, her understanding and her great human warmth make all the work extraordinary. She has vision, humour and music and a fundamental desire to make this world into a better place for all.
— Pete Moser, Founding Director, More Music in Morecambe

I am a professional singer with a particular interest in a cappella music and in singing for all, and a member of UK ensembles Mouthful and Human Music. I run training for teachers, vocal leaders and musicians in the UK, several European countries and Brazil, exploring inclusive practice, improvisation, vocal technique, leadership of group singing and development of vocal ensembles.

Katherine is fiercely dedicated to fair access to arts and culture for every member of society not only as a means for achieving fundamental personal happiness but also as the ideal medium for personal and professional development and a tool for achieving far-reaching attitudinal change.
— Dawn Redhead, CEO, Lawnmowers Independent Theatre Company
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