As a visionary thinker, meaning maker, creative strategist, hands on music practitioner and last but not least light filled human being Katherine Zeserson has truly transformed the landscape of music education and community music worldwide. At Philharmonie Luxembourg Katherine has repeatedly delivered ground breaking professional training programmes which now serve as a model of excellence to other institutions in Europe
— Pascal Sticklies, Head of Education, Philharmonie Luxembourg

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Since 2014 I’ve directed the week-long Music Education Academy held at Philharmonie Luxembourg. Each year, we recruit 10-15 orchestral and / or chamber musicians from all over Europe who are interested in widening their perspectives on what it means to be a musician in the 21st century. Participants reflect on personal experience, consider philosophical and practical questions, participate in round tables, workshop and seminars with a wide range of professional guest speakers and facilitators. The results are always exciting, challenging and life-changing.