Katherine brings a huge sense of energy, purpose and integrity to all of her work, as an artist, a leader and a human being. Katherine has the gravitas that comes with real experience whilst simultaneously being a visionary futurist. Watching her work with artists is highly invigorating, she invariably gains instant trust, respect and fellowship as a direct result of the experience, warmth and engagement which she exudes.
— Andrew Manning, Secretary General, European Concert Halls Organisation


I’ve worked with ECHO (network of 22 of Europe’s premier concert halls) since 2013, designing and delivering the Rising Stars professional development support programme which accompanies the annual ECHO Rising Stars tour for six early career, high level soloists/chamber ensembles. Musicians in the programme participate in a residential at the start of the tour in which they are able to reflect on themselves and their perspectives on music, consider how they’d like to connect more deeper with communities and / or develop skills in music education and related fields. This is followed up with a mid-tour workshop and one to one session. I am also a consultant to the ECHO Creative Europe-funded New Artists Platform.

You can read more about my work with ECHO here…